What to Expect

How should I dress? Wear what you're most comfortable in.  Most folks wear jeans, a pair of khakis, or business casual.

What about my children? Your children will have a blast in our exciting kids' program designed just for them! When you arrive, if you have children five and under, our welcome team will help guide you to our Early Childhood Ministry. If you have children K thru 5th grade, we encourage you to sign them in at our LifeSpring Kids Check-in table (in the Connecting Center) and then head to the worship service with your kids in tow. After about 20 minutes of worship in song, we dismiss children through 5th grade to our wonderfully staffed children's ministry. Or if you prefer, you are welcome to keep your children with you. If you have children, our south parking lot will be the most convenient for you.

What about my teenager?  Teens are welcome to attend the worship service.  During our first worship gathering, there are classes for both middle school and high school students available.  There are lots of opportunities for your teens to connect midweek as well.   

What kind of church is LifeSpring? We are a healthy, vibrant and growing Christ-centered church. We seek to be a church empowered by God's Spirit and built on God's Word. Everything we do and teach is based solely on the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ. On Sundays, you'll enjoy an excellent inspirational, contemporary praise and worship experience. Our worship is dynamic, engaging and authentic! And you'll receive solid, Bible-based teaching to help you grow in your faith journey.

How long is the worship service and what is it like? The worship services typically last about 75 minutes. We begin with a time of inspiring worship music. Over and over, guests tell us this part of the service helps them authentically connect with God. You are encouraged to participate and express your worship as you feel comfortable. Most people sing and clap along; others might lift their hands humbly in worship; some might simply listen and reflect quietly. We invite you to be who you are and to seek God with authenticity and sincerity.

After the singing, you'll experience solid, engaging teaching from the Bible. We don't water Scripture down; we humbly teach it with conviction and simplicity; so whether you're just tearing off the plastic wrap off your first Bible, or whether its dog-eared and worn, you can grow deeply and be challenged in your faith journey.

Will anyone point me out or embarrass me? No. You won't be singled-out or asked to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. We'll greet you warmly, help you find your way around, and answer any questions you might have. A simple welcome card is available to give us a brief record of your visit if you choose. Guests are specifically asked to feel no obligation to give money.  Also feel free to pick up a small gift with information about our church at the Welcome Center.