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Our Challenge:

An aging and dated facility. Starting in 1978, LifeSpring’s facility has been a gift and blessing to our congregation and our community. Yet, the last active 40 years have worn down the building. Regular maintenance is needed to repair structures that have broken, cracked, or have stopped working.

People in our neighborhood care about what our facility looks like. We seek to create an inviting church facility that is safe, has an intuitive flow, is beautiful yet not pretentiuos, offers modern ways to engage with God and others, gives life as you walk into it, and has welcoming niches for people to connect.

Our Impact:

How does our facility energize our mission? On the average weekday, our building is in use from 9am to 8pm. Staff is working, small groups are meeting, people are exercising, youth are connecting, and we are hosting various outside groups. Others are meeting together to pray and share life events, the homeless in our community find warmth and shelter here, and community members stop in for food. Kids Hope families are celebrated here, food is made here, and people celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and lives well lived. A high schooler comes in to use our piano, people stop in for a hot cup of coffee, and ministry teams discern God’s next steps.

Our building is a place where people who would not dare set food in a church service find welcome and comfort through evening events and no-strings-attached, joy-filled parties.

The building is our missional home base. Our training center. Our lighthouse.

These are the walls that house and hold our church family.
It is a special place.

Our Campaign:

Restoration on the Corner is our 3 year campaign to raise $1.2 million. It is our prayer that God might use these funds to update our facility in a way that furthers His kingdom in this neighborhood for another 40 years!