With so many great churches to choose from, what gives LifeSpring a unique flavor in our community?
Here are some core values, or missional priorities, that form the foundation for our life and ministry together.

Life with God Comes First
Our first and primary calling is to go deep in our life with God.  Our life with God is shaped both in our worship, as we ascribe ultimate value to God, and our discipleship, as we learn to follow Jesus more closely.

Cultivating Caring Community
Because Jesus asks his followers to love one another, we place a priority on knowing and caring for one another in sacrificial and robust ways.  We seek to care for all who enter, rich and poor, black and white, seeker and saint.

Share God's Hope
God sent us into the world to be and share His good news. As we humbly serve and intentionally build relationships with our neighbors, community and the overlooked in our world, we join God where He’s already at work; inspiring hope and transforming lives.

Lead with Grace
God's grace compels people to run into the arms of Jesus. God's grace transforms his followers more and more into the likeness of Jesus. We pray that LifeSpring is a refuge of grace for ALL people.