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A Story from Lance R about the Holding Hope group that was held here at LifeSpring:

Katie and I have been at Lifespring for only a year and a half. We found the church at a time of profound change and difficulty in our lives. We had just moved to Loveland from Colorado Springs after a year of weekly separation due to Lance’s transfer at work to Boulder. We had two households during the week, one in the Springs and an apartment in Longmont. Our middle child, Tyler, was in the midst of his addiction to heroin (and other drugs) and had been in and out of the house for a couple years. In the interim, he was living on the street, doing the things that street people do to get by. He had accumulated a criminal record, and at the time we moved to Loveland had just experienced his first time in jail due to theft of significant items from us during the transition period of our final move. Shortly after our move, he ended up in jail for an extended period, which at least provided a measure of certitude and safety that his life on the streets did not. After just weeks at Lifespring, Katie and I met a number of people who were in or dealing with similar circumstances, which only enhanced our sense that we had found a church home. Shortly after that, Christa A investigated the possibility of bringing many of these people together for mutual support. The Holding Hope group has been a wonderful blessing, providing an opportunity to share pain, receive healing support, as well as to offer support to others in similar circumstances. Not only were we blessed with a peace that we had not felt in a great while, but we lived in a healthy fellowship that nurtured our spirits, helped to mend our stressed bodies, and enfolded us in a larger community in the congregation as a whole. In our case, every element of stress that accompanied our move to Loveland and to Lifespring has experienced relief beyond our hopes and renewed our spiritual lives which had become quite beleaguered.

 Hi all! I’m Madi, and I have been attending LifeSpring since I was 5 years old.

I’m currently 20, and in the last 15 years, our church community has continuously wrapped their arms around me. When I was in middle school, I went through a dark season of depression where I lost any relationship with God that I had formed. I still attended Sunday School and Youth Group... not to learn in community about God’s love and to build a relationship with Him, I just wanted to hang out with the friends. In this time, I made friends and even lost some – and bluntly put I did a lot of things that set me back physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Through this time, I really didn’t care about much, but my friends and mentors saw my potential; they continued to walk alongside me and brought me closer to Christ. I started volunteering in Sunday School, and I was in such nostalgia: learning the same stories about God’s love that I had learned in that very same classroom as a child, and I started to re-build my relationship with God.

Since finding my place with God, I have still faced many trials and difficulties– because I’m human! My senior year of high school I got pregnant, and my relationship with Jesus was struggling. At times I felt so far from grace, but through everything – my pregnancy and its complications, and becoming a single, teen mom – LifeSpring has always been my safe haven. Our church community has continuously poured out their love and support for me and my daughter, and we have been wrapped in your arms through it all.

A message that I learned in high school will always stick with me, and I think that it is essential to understanding God’s love and what I have felt through LifeSpring’s unending support:

There is nothing you can ever say or do to make God love you any more or any less,
and that’s what getting the gold medal in grace feels like.

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